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Monday, May 2, 2011

Wooohh...10 years nvr touch mah blog =D...Just wanna say one thing, I LOVE YOU !...No not you....YEAH, YOU ! =]

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I missed u a lot...why is it so sudden? I never even get to talk to u...but u just went away like that...

I really really miss you ,

Ah Gong...

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Repost for yesterday...

Went to Brickfields temple in the morning...reach there around 9am for the modeling practice... Till around 11++

Then went to Pasar Seni with Kai Cong...Had lunch and walk around...xD Had plenty of time...

4pm Went for modeling rehersal again...And around 5 or 6pm (I forgot) Had choir rehersal... =D

7pm Had our dinner...Then went to the resource room for make up and get change for our fashion show...=D

Fashion show start at 8:45pm...Was kinda nervous for the first time....after that I felt better xD...Voices screaming my name...so paiseh...hahaha....

After the 2nd round of fashion show...Straight away change clothes and get ready for choir...
We sang *At The Beginning , The Climb and Let Peace Prevail On Earth* We sang it perfectly and right from the heart =] I can juz feel it xD

After that went to change and went home....xD Was kinda tiring but I had fun =]


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Monday, March 15, 2010

Dear my beloved grandpa...This post is specially for you...

Although u've forgotten me...But I know u didn't want it to happen...I know you still remember me deep inside your heart,but you juz need to unlock your heart and find it yourself...I miss the past,times that we talked,times that we laughed,times that we're together...

I know you're a very good guy...so please be well and happy...I know I wont be able to be by your side whenever you need help...But I'll think about you everyday...I promise...I'll pray for you every single day...

I hope you'll always be happy...stay strong...and try to remember me....remember us...


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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Went to play basketball today...Damn fun ! Cuz I own !! lolx...Most of them said I've improved a lot...Was kinda happy xD Although I got a few bruises =D...Luv my basketball life =D Im not stopping my improvement here...Gotta keep going !

Got no Sunday School today...So I was free to play basketball...

Luv this morning's weather... xD Cloudy , cooling and wasn't HOT !! xP


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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Repost for last night...

Last night was awesome...Had fun during procession with choir =] Sang a lot of songs together while walking around Brickfields =] Best thing was Allen and I went into the super dark Asoka Hall at night to get the keyboard...and couldn't find the switch...So we called around 4-5 person to go into the hall together...Thank God Swee Pie was brave enough to go behind the stage to on the lights xD ! haha...

Next mission was to put the keyboard back into the office...Which is also super dark ! xD...Allen,Kelly,Yean-Whei and I went together...feels adventurous xD !! Hahahaa... And Kelly fell from the stairs and started blaming us ==" Wth...swtss...

Wilson's mom fetch me home...reach home around 10pm++

Slept at 12am and Im sick now in the morning =="


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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Heard a balloon popped....and cracking sounds...


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