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Monday, May 11, 2009

Hey mom...Happy mother's day to u >.<

Forgot to wish mom in the morning cuz she was rushing out...
Came back around 11am with a twisted ankle after basketball T.T
Wish my mom after she came back ^^ she was happy =]
Then I doze off after taking a shower...I was exhausted...Until 3pm , planned with sis and bro where to celebrate mother's day and finally I made a reservation in TGI Fridays...Went out at 5:45pm and reach Pavillion at 6pm sharp =D
The food there was good...and very big plate too...

Later when we're eating...saw someone standing on the chair giving speech cuz its her birthday and the waiters sang birthday song loudly like mad people...lolx...Had a nice dinner and went to walk around in Pavillion...went home around 10pm and straight went to sleep again cuz I didn't sleep well in the afternoon "Hot Weather"

I Love you Mom ,
With all my hearts I respect you ,
Even though I raise my voice at you sometimes ,
I still apprechiate all your sacrifices and devotion ,
So once again , I Love you Mom!
Happy Mother's Day.


Blogged @ 6:40 AM
Don't let me go -

Blogged @ 6:40 AM
Don't let me go -