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Sunday, July 26, 2009

I woke up last night...about 4-5am...and I suddenly sneeze...I heard like...someone is trying to open my room door , but no one comes in...I felt that something was wrong , and I thought that someone broke into our house...I kept worrying and fell asleep again...

At about 6:15am , my mom woke up and went outside...after that I heard my mom crying and I ran out and see what's happening...
Guess what...

*My house gate was open
*My mom's laptop was gone
*My mom's money was gone
*My mom was crying...
(A Thief Broke In)

Its quite sad and just let that BASTARD thief come in and take stole my mom's things...I feel like getting my fist hurt on that thief...Darn that bastard...

Today is also my brother's convocation day too...Congratulations Bro ^^
Went to TAR College for the convocation...
My sisters and I waited in the cafeteria for about 2hours for my Bro's Convo to end..

...and today is also my Birthday ^^
I was quite happy last night and I slept early hoping that today would be a Good Day...
And its all spoilt by that BASTARD THIEF...CURSE YOU!!
But we can't do anything except for reporting to the police...

So my family and I went for lunch to celebrate my birthday and my bro for graduating...^^

Gotta sign off now...


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Friday, July 17, 2009

PMR is near...OMG..!! and Im still sitting in front of the computer...WHAT TO DO??!!

I need help with my studies!!but who can help?? Teacher?? But what about after school?? DAMN!!

No matter...I have to get at least a few A's...NO FAILS IS GOOD ENOUGH!!*For me*

I didn't finish my math homework that the teacher gave the other day...she said we can't go home until we pass up her work...But I went out of the school after the last bell rings...Im sure gonna get it from her next monday...Sadd... T.T

But I still have some happy times... =D

Helping someone always makes me feel good =]

My mom brought me to make specs last night...around 9pm...and they're closing at 9:30pm xD

We chose the frame for quite awhile...unfortunately I didnt get to make my specs cuz the person who checked my eye said im tired and my eye-sight is unstable...so I have to go back in a few days with enough of rest!!

Pheeww...Finally get to update my blog again cuz of someone...xD and Thanks to her...haha


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